Your John Deere Dealer Located in Central Illinois

Cross Implement Inc

Cross Implement is Your Local John Deere Dealer Serving You From Central Illinois.

If You’re Looking for a Traditional John Deere Dealership Where You Get the Treatment You Enjoyed in Yesteryear You Have Arrived.

We don’t offer a call center, numerous locations or corporate management to meet your needs; instead we provide a more classic solution. We are an owner operated outfit since 1978. The dealer is in the store 6 days a week working with you and the team to timely meet your needs. By keeping our dealings simple and straightforward with attention to detail we have grown in scale to one of the largest John Deere Ag Locations in North America. We are blessed to be located in Central Illinois where our fertile fields not only deliver unmatched yields, but also produce John Deere Owner Operated Equipment that is of Unmatched Quality. Wherever you are located we want to be your local dealer. We aren't better than any other dealer we just try a little harder.

Come Experience the Difference.